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Let's get ahead of the market

Let's get ahead of the market
2020 is going to be an extraordinary year,everyone will remember it by heart. We're all going through hell, holding hands, encouraging each other, moving forward together.
My dearest customers friends, thank you for so many years of support to our company, I believe that our future cooperation will be even closer , we will continue to provide the best products and services.
1. The present moment of wedding: 
a. Bridal shops are closed in many countries , China's wedding dress factory is semi-shut down and shut down, or switch to make day-to-day wear.
b. Most of the workers switched to other jobs.
c. Fabric manufacturers, lace stalls, a certain amount of inventory, but will not increase too much.
d. Most brides are anxiously waiting to pick out, try on and buy the wedding dress they want.
2. After the outbreak
a. Bridal shops are opening, brides are flooding in, and they need to have enough dress to buy.
b. Restarting factories, or expanding capacity, and hiring a lot of people, will cause a shortage of personnel for some time.
c. The demand for workers increases, but there are fewer workers, and factories increase labor costs by increasing wages to attract workers.
d. Fabric, lace with the stock of a short time a large number of consumption, there will be a shortage, resulting in insufficient supply, affect factory production.
e. After the outbreak, although the demand for medical supplies dropped, but all industries have resumed production capacity, the courier industry will usher in the peak transport.
This is what the law of market economy decides, it is the phenomenon that normalizes, also be we ever experienced ceaselessly.
Therefore, I suggest that customers who do not have a lot of inventory friends, can be appropriately increased, in advance of the layout, so as to go ahead of competitors, capture the market, win more profits.
At the same time, the company also launched a discount discount activities to help customers and friends together layout the market, and then wait for the opportunity to come. For special offers, contact the sales manager at your service.
There is an old Chinese saying, "tribulation is opportunity." Let us work together to seize this opportunity for win-win cooperation and make 2020 a year of bumper harvest. 
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